Step 1: Marketing

Well…I supposed I already did Step 1 by identifying my skill set and defining myself as a commercial documentary photographer — a photographer that shoots commercial assignments from a documentary approach. My newly-defined type of photographer uses the base skills of a documentary photographer: natural lighting (for the most part), truth of a subject matter, on location and outside of a studio and a sense of photo manipulation ethics. I also an allowing this new type of photographer to have the ability to add some editorializing to shots.

So, I suppose this is Step 1.5.

I’ve been scouring photo blogs (here’s a good one from PhotoShelter) and religiously reading my ASMP Business Practices book for some guidance on Marketing. Apparently I need a “Vision Marketing Statement.” Something that tells what I do and how I do it.

VMS: Nichole Ballard applies documentary photography to commercial assignments, highlighting the truth and sincerity of subject matter. Her approach is that of an observer, recording the world at it’s rawest, most intimate thought-provoking moments.

That might need some tweaking, but it’s a start.


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