Color Correction


Here is a link to a post in my old blog. Pretty nice tutorial I picked up.

True Lens

Sometimes WordPress is a pain. I just worked for an hour on this post and it was deleted. So, here we go again.

The other day I sent my portfolio to the photo editor of our daily paper for advice and critique and possibly a stringer position. He had some really helpful advice on portfolio presentation and how to improve my photos. He said that he could see that many of my photos hadn’t been toned properly. They needed color corrections.

I agreed. I haven’t had much practice with tonal corrections in classes I’ve taken. I assumed (wrongly) that it was more about the actual photograph than mastering Photoshop at a newspaper because editors would correct them to their specific standards. Well now I know better. “Your work needs to show proficiency with Photoshop and other photo editing software,” he said. So, I’ve been scouring the internet for tutorials and…

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