2010 Columbia, Mo. Annual Air Show

The story behind the photos:

I had a great time at the annual air show in Columbia when I first started as a photographer with my college newspaper The Maneater.

Never having been at an air show before, I was quite surprised at the noise, but enjoyed the day in the sweltering heat. These photos were never published. Unfortunately, I got beat out on the only space available for a photo by a colleague. I maintain my photos were better, but his told the story of the heat that day with an image of people sitting under the tail of a plane in the shade. C’est la vie.

Also, I had never been seen many of the planes at the show. I think my fascination is evident in what I chose to photograph.

This also happened to be my first encounter with bending the rules and getting caught. I was trying to get a good shot of the “Snow On” portion of the show where WWII airplanes revved up the engines and produced tons of smoke. I crossed over the bright orange line only to be called out by an onlooker moments later. “Hey, You’re not allowed to cross the line. Can’t you read the sign?” Not really knowing how to handle that I quickly took a shot and moved away from the town crier … and crossed the line on the other side.


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