Project 52: first critique

WP Featured image Personal GrowthIn an attempt to build confidence and improve my work I have joined a wonderful program for photographers called Project 52. Today I had my first live critique.

This is how it works:

1. An assignment is given for each week of the year—hence the “52”. The project is focused on commercial photography and the assignments range from portrait to catalog. You name it. Don Giannatti is the organizer and creator of Project 52. Sometimes the assignments are open-ended and sometimes very specific.

2. Go take a photo and upload it on Flickr. Accounts are free and I am extremely impressed with their new layout. You also get 1 terabyte of storage. Pretty sweet. I’m going to start using it more often again.

3. Post your photo from Flickr to the assignment page on Lighting Essentials’ group page here. Don will critique you photo in a live webinar according to the schedule.

My first critique went really well, aside from slight audio problems on my end. I also leaned a lot from listening to others’ critique.

It was a first step in my transition to becoming a freelancer. Sometimes you doubt yourself and abilities, and it’s a real boost when people you don’t know who are successful say your work is good. Sometimes it’s something I need to hear.

Seeing what others are working on and just talking to a community focused on improving their photo skills is a breath of fresh air. Also, I know myself pretty well, and I’m very assignment driven. Having someone give you an assignment helps push me to go and work, because I’ll admit, having a full-time job and just dealing with everyday responsibilities takes the energy out of me to go shoot for myself.

This was my first critique with the lighting essentials group, but it won’t be my last.

Here is the image I submitted for the Assignment on sports portraits:

Cowboy Portrait


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