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Well, I quit my job. So now there are decisions to make. Big decisions.

Should I look for another journalism job?

In all honesty, my former place of employment has sullied me on the industry. Where my former passion for the role of journalist was unequaled, it has been compromised. In part because of the hostile work environment I came to in my first job after graduating college and the integrity of the “leadership” of the small newsroom I found myself in. I decided to do myself a favor and remove myself from such a place. But, now what?

Mind you, I did not quit to pursue freelancing (that decision was in the works for a couple of years down the road), but it looks as though that is how it will play out.

In any case, this is the situation I find myself in. It’s not as bad as some that I have faced before. I have sufficient savings to act as a bumper during my unemployment and there are plenty of jobs here to serve as temporary sources of income while I figure out what to do.

Here is my plan as of now:

1. Get business cards

2. Source freelance jobs

3. Get a temporary job locally while searching for a place to relocate

Circumstances call for a change in plans and you have to be ready and able to adapt. While I have been using my free time to work out my book and create a marketing plan, I’m now being forced to fast-forward.

Originally, I had set aside a nice chunk of cash to upgrade my lenses and my camera, that is now all I have to work with. Instead of purchasing a portfolio from, I will now use the new Flickr platform. Also, I’m going to have to get out and shoot, shoot, shoot to upgrade my image library.

‘Tis life I suppose.


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