Job Interview

I got a job interview. I must say I was impressed with myself. It’s probably the best I’ve ever interviewed for a position. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job. Why? Same old thing — not enough experience.

The job was with Wonderful Machine as a photo editor. I was excited at the prospect of working with the amazing group of people at Bill Cramer’s company. I got the interview innocently enough: and quite by accident.

I was looking at my options. As an avid follower and admirer of Wonderful Machine and their business model, I emailed the CEO (Cramer) for some advice on where I should go from here with my newly unemployed self. (I’ve found a job waiting tables, but come on — that’s not really where I want to be.) Mr. Cramer, or Bill as he told me to call him, gave me some sound advice and invited me to interview for a photo editor position.

This was a Skype interview. My first. And boy was I nervous that morning. It’s difficult to speak when you’re staring someone whom you admire in the face, virtually or in person. But, like I said, the interview went well. He gave me great advice that I’ll share with my followers today.

1. Move to New York City. “That’s where all the photo editors are,” he said.

2. Keep updating your blog. As a photo editor, people will look at your blog as a portfolio.

3. Network

Then Mr. Cramer … Bill asked me to do an assignment for him. I was to critique a photographer that was part of the Wonderful Machine directory. Record it. And send it to him within 48 hours.

I thought it went well. It took me a few tries to squeeze in all the things I wanted to say to help this photographer out. The same day I got a “Good job, Nichole!” Surely the exclamation point meant I was a shoe-in. But sadly, no dice.

Regardless of whether or not I was right person for the job at this time, the experience proved that I really can do this type of work. That someone sees potential in me. And, with a little more experience, better locale and some networking, hopefully I’ll be headed down the right path next time he has an opening.


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