Early morning musing

It’s 6:23 a.m. in Wyoming. The sun is just coming up and I can’t sleep.

I’ll admit it. I am a night person. If I could reverse the world, people would wake up at 6 p.m. to start their day instead of the ungodly hour that I am finally tired.

This past week all I can think about is my photography and my lack of progress in freelancing. Those questions that plague artists: What should I put in my portfolio? How should they be ordered? Does this reflect my style? What IS my style? Does my brand reflect my photos? Should I update my “About me” page?

No definitive answers have popped up yet, but this is plaguing me. It is weighing on me. My shoulders slouch with each thought and my brain races as I lay in bed staring at nothing while my mind is a hurricane meeting a tornado while an earthquake is let loose. It makes it difficult to sleep.

This sudden bout of insomnia is most probably related to the end of my job. That weird and uncertain in-between time when you move from one state across the country and it is a logistical nightmare. Not having a job nailed down doesn’t help the situation.

But what’s a girl to do? I’ll just sip my coffee, work on my never-ending portfolio and gaze at the beautiful sunrise, and tell myself it’ll all work out.

I gotta take that picture.

Wyo Sunrise



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