In Between

Currently I’m in between. In between moving. In between beginning to freelance in a new town. In between contract negotiations. In between homes.

I won’t lie. It’s a lot. My current “office” is a desk in the laundry room of a friend’s house. My coworkers are a toilet, a washer and a dryer in the basement. I’ve seen better days. But, regardless of my current location, I’ve never felt more in control of where I’m going and that I can make it in business for myself.

So, posting photos is on hold at the moment due to most of my office being in storage. (I had to make an emergency run to Staples for pens and Post-its yesterday.) I do have several posts planned for the following weeks though: What makes a photograph great, Portfolios and how this socially-awkward photographer is succeeding in networking.

If any of my readers has any questions, let me know and I’ll dedicate a post.


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