Lounging Pups


Lucielle Cleary. Age 103.

Lucille Cleary shows a book of drawings in the library room at Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation. Cleary turned 103 Jan. 16, 2013.    

Blood Donor

George Schneider donates his 100th pint of blood at the Rawlins Jeffrey Center Aug. 15, 2012. Schneider has been a blood donor since 1974.


  Another look into my life is through my writing. Although I am a photographer and focus on imagery, I'm a journalist through and through. I recently completed my portfolio with Contently.com. If you would like to see some of my writing, check out my page. Usually I photography my own articles, so you can … Continue reading Contently

The Business of Photography – Finding My Place


Trying to be a successful photographer is becoming harder and harder.  Photography is so much accessible these days and so many people are doing their own, that for someone to try making it as a photographer means something completely different.  So I have to work out where I fit into all this.  Is there a place for my photography and if there is how do I find the people who want it?

These aren’t new questions, I’ve asked them before. but as I put myself and my work out there, I am finding that the world is not quite as I thought,  and there seems to be a change in the way photographers work.  The word “niche” seems to come out a lot.  Once upon a time if you wanted to be a photographer then you did as much as you could, now, it seems you will never find success if you…

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To enter the contest

I'm debating on whether to enter this photo contest in Casper, Wyo. or not. I've never entered my images in a contest, but think it would be a good move. If I get the weekend off I'll be able to network a little. I have until tomorrow night to decide. Any advice?