Missouri Slave Cabins


The story behind the photos

One of my very first assignments with Missouri Life magazine was to accompany a writer on her quest to uncover the dark past in the Little Dixie area of Missouri. Working with a guide and invested historian, we visited historic plantations and their still standing slave quarters in Boone County and discovered a slice of history was on the verge of being lost forever.

I am happy with the approach I took on this story. It was a very intimate subject for our reporter and I am honored that I was allowed to experience and discover this with her. These photos were taken in 2011. Some of the photos chosen for publication I disagreed with, while there were others I wish would have been chosen. Today some of these photos would not be acceptable to me because of quality issues I had with my gear. Many of the images were taken at night and I wasn’t as experienced with flash as I am today. Nonetheless, I am pleased with the outcome. I hope I did the story justice. I certainly learned a great deal about Missouri’s history and on-location assignment photography.

To learn more about the historic Little Dixie area and efforts to preserve the slave quarters visit: http://littledixie.net